"The Georgia Hospital Association has had a long-term relationship with Lee. She has worked with us on several projects, including focus groups statewide with hospital CEOs as part of the Association's strategic planning process. She understands the issues facing hospitals and is able to capture the information that leads to satisfying, actionable solutions."

—Joe Parker President
Georgia Hospital Association

Understanding your issues, speaking their language

At The Zacharias Group (TZG), we know that truth is more than the objective facts: what people believe is just as important. We’re experts at using focus groups or in-depth interviews to elicit the most candid responses about health care and other issues affecting consumers and providers of healthcare—from “sandwich generation” women caring for children and parents simultaneously, to people with physical, mental or developmental disabilities, to those who provide the care or influence health policy.

With 30 years of experience, we can offer clients a broad range of services beyond qualitative research itself:

  • environment assessment;
  • research planning and analysis to help answer your toughest questions;
  • unique insights to inform your strategic initiatives; and
  • further exploration of survey and polling results.

If you’re looking for highly skilled focus group moderators, meeting facilitators and in-depth interviewers, call Lee Zacharias, Principal, or Janet Brookman, Field Director, about all we can do for you.