The Zacharias Group -  meeting facilitation

"The Zacharias Group's professionalism was key to the success of Indiana's most extensive health care public opinion research in recent years. Lee Zacharias' background was a perfect fit for conduction "Hoosiers' Rx for Health Care," a joint study on behalf of the Indiana Hospital & Health Association, the Indiana State Medical Association, and the Indiana University School of Medicine. She and her colleagues handled all aspects, from focus group script development and moderating, to overseeing the subsequent polling to drafting the final report and audiovisual presentation of findings. They're insightful, cost-effective, and timely. We would not hesitate to call on The Zacharias Group to meet our future research needs."

—Bob Morr
Vice President
Indiana Hospital & Health Association

Facilitating/Moderating Meetings & Panels

Keeping discussions moving and meaningful.

Our skills at listening, learning and leading can play a critical role moderating meetings and facilitating discussions. Ms. Zacharias has extensive experience in:

  • Moderating national and local meetings with employees, stakeholders, management teams and others
  • Facilitating panel discussions at national and regional conferences and meetings

She has the know-how, patience and background to:

  • Ensure that each participant has the opportunity to be heard
  • Probe for clarification in a nonthreatening manner
  • Reflect on what has been said by others to tie themes together
  • Keep panelists on track
  • Summarize key points made

Whatever the context or format, clients ultimately trust The Zacharias Group to get things going, keep people engaged, and bring the process to a meaningful conclusion.