The Zacharias Group - qualitative research

"The Zacharias Group excels at reaching and working with groups that are difficult to access. They helped us get meaningful feedback from people with significant mobility, cognitive and communication challenge—which was essential to meeting our goals."

—Paul Saucier, Thomson Reuters Research

Qualitative Research Services

Focus groups and in-depth interviews that elicit opinions and insights

We have nearly 30 years of experience conducting research among every conceivable respondent group, from community leaders to industry management to medical professionals (doctors, nurses and others) to consumers. We specialize in exploring health care policy issues, gauging public perceptions and attitudes, and reaching difficult-to-access populations, such as persons with disabilities and busy “sandwich generation” women who must care for their parents and their children.

No matter what the makeup of the sample, we have proven our ability to create an environment of safety and trust that fosters broad participation and open expression of opinions, attitudes and perceptions. And we can adapt to any environment, from a formal research facility in the big city to a small town diner.

Lee Zacharias, who conducts most of our focus groups and in-depth interviews, excels at creating rapport with participants based on her genuine caring, empathy and warmth. Click here for her Ten Commandments of Effective Moderating.

We go beyond the routine requirements of our work when projects have unusual parameters, e.g., non-English-speaking respondents, recruiting challenges or respondents lacking access to transportation.

Managing a comprehensive research process

The Zacharias Group has the broad experience and nationwide network to complete your research plan. We can handle all or some of the following steps, according to your needs:

Helping you put research to good use

We recognize that gathering information is just the first stage in achieving your goals. We can help put the valuable knowledge you've gained to work for you in a variety of ways:

  • Collaborating in the development of marketing strategies and key messages
  • Facilitating a group process to identify key issues
  • Conference planning and program development

While we do not take the lead in strategic development, many clients value our involvement in this process because of our ability to synthesize complex information, discover meanings below the surface, and overcome biases.